Anxiety: Symptoms and Opportunities

In America 95% of our population experiences anxiety that is elevated. In fact, 5% of us battle with anxiety attacks every single day. Do you fit in either one of these groups? If so, I think you might find this article of interest. We’re about to talk about some of the symptoms that follow in the wake of anxiety. Let’s first list some of the terms that we popularly use to describe the different forms in which we feel anxiety. There is the age-old term anxiety attack, anxiety disorders, panic attack, sleep and sleep pattern disorders. We even use the term depression almost interchangeably with the above. Common Physical Symptoms Many people experience elevated anxiety report a quickened heartbeat or tingling in their extremities. Ingestion of nicotine or caffeine can stimulate anxious reaction, as can certain forms of physical activity. And those with certain mental makeups are unable to halt the process of escalation before it reaches unpleasant levels. The
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